Does it feel like life is just one hard thing after another?

Learn how to overcome that feeling and experience true peace!

Does this sound like you?

  • You spend your days thinking of all the things that could go wrong in your life
  • You believe that nothing is ever going to get better for you
  • You feel like God is answering everyone's prayers but yours
  • You have no idea how you'll survive the next crisis headed your way

I can show you how to put a stop to those worries once and for all!

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I used to be a big fraidy cat!

It started as a child where I struggled with a crippling fear of the dark, grew into perfectionism, anger, and depression in my teens. Once I hit the hardest trial of my life as an adult I found myself feeling completely hopeless and overwhelmed.

I struggled to see God in my pain. I didn't know how to pray and I had zero control over my mind. I spend all day worried about what could happen and stressed about what was already happening.

I desperately wanted peace but I wasn't sure how to get there.

Through time spent in the Word and prayer, God showed me exactly what I needed to do to conquer my fears and worries for good. I was finally able to let go of my need for control and experience much-needed peace.

I'm going to tell you exactly what I learned. Are you ready?

Here's what you'll learn:

The Overcoming Fear Workshop is a 45-minute training that will walk you through:

  • Why fear is such a struggle: it's really hard to fight something you don't know about. The workshop will help you identify what you're struggling with -- fear doesn't always look like fear!
  • 5 lies fear makes you believe: I've found there are 5 main lies we believe because of fear. You'll learn about each one and what the Bible says to do about them
  • In-depth Bible teaching: we will take a look at a familiar passage of scripture and study what the Bible says about how to respond to fear and the steps we need to take to overcome it
  • Bonus teaching: All this learning is great but you need to apply it. You'll learn how to apply everything in the workshop with a tool that I use with my coaching clients. I'll show you how to uncover the fearful thoughts keeping you stuck and how to get rid of them for good

Once you finish the Overcoming Fear Workshop you'll have the tools you need to fight those fearful and negative thoughts.

I bet you have some questions …

How much does this workshop cost?

I wanted to make sure that this workshop was super affordable at $47!

Do I need any special tools for this workshop?

Nope. Just a Bible, something to write on, and something to write with. Nothing fancy just whatever you have around your house.

Is this something that will be sent to me in the mail?

Nope. This is completely digital and online only. You'll have immediate access to the workshop inside of your Women Finding God course account. Instructions on how to access that account will be sent via email upon purchase.

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the workshop, I cannot offer refunds. There is no product that can be returned. That said, I'm 100% committed to giving you whatever support you need as you work through the material in the workshop. If you have any issues or concerns feel free to shoot an email to